Wedding Photographer

San Francisco Wedding Photographer | Baker Beach & Emeryville | Wing & Ling

Wing and Ling are two architects who share a peaceful personality and pay good attention to details. We started their pre-wedding photography on an early morning in Baker Beach in San Francisco. It was a good timing during the day when the beach was quiet and the crowds hadn't arrived. We then met the couple again in the afternoon on the same day to take pictures of their reception in a restaurant in Emeryville. The restaurant sits right by the ocean and is surrounded by an overlook of San Francisco. We took the couple out for portraits around and the sun light was just as good as one can imagine. We love both of their outfits and they absolutely look gorgeous in the pictures! 

Stanford Wedding Photographer | Stanford Memorial Church | Mandy & Long

Mandy and Long’s wedding was at the stunning Stanford Memorial Church. As an alumni of Stanford University, no other places can be more special and meaningful for the wedding ceremony. It had rained for days before the ceremony and the sky totally cleared on wedding day! Such a bless!

Carmel Engagement Session | Carmel-by-The-Sea & Carmel Mission Basilica | Jing & Da

Jing and Da's lovely shoot was taken at the fairytale beach city, Carmel. The weather can't be nicer on that day. So glad that we got to document their sweet moments and spend the day in Carmel with the blessed couple and their cutest puppy, Summer!